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Check Out PropertyPilot’s New Features: Mail Print Service And PRM Categories

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Two New Useful PropertyPilot Features

Binary options brokers indonesia that accept perfect money PropertyPilot recently launched a couple of new useful enhancements to the Mail Merge and Property Records Management consoles; direct mailing and property categorizing. There is been a significant amount of requests for both of these new features. We are very grateful that our active community of PropertyPilot users chime in with great feedback. Without you guys, PropertyPilot wouldn’t continue to grow and improve.

useful reference Check out below to learn more about sending mail merge letters and categorizing properties in your PRM.  We have provided an overview, along with some screenshots of the new features in action.

Direct Mail Marketing Is Now Fully Automated

visit their website ProperPilot’s mail merge  is one of our most useful and popular features. The mail merge tool enables you to easily create personalized letters that you can send to homeowners, lenders, attorneys etc.

visit this web-site Lenders use mail merge to market their mortgage products to homeowners. Investors use mail merge to prospect for distressed opportunities. Real estate agents send listing announcements and just sold announcements. Small companies love mail merge because they can segment and target homeowners in very specific areas. The new “Mail Print Service” completely automates the mailing process. It makes it really easy to target decision makers and reach them with a personalized letter. You no longer have to print and send your batch mail merge letters. PropertyPilot does all the printing, licking, stamping and mailing for you. What a relief!

Benefits Of “Print To Mail Service”

  • Print To Mail Service offers variable printing. This means you can send 1 letter or a thousand.
  • There is a bulk discount if you send more than 10 letters per order.
  • You can choose to send either black and white or full color letters.
  • You can change the return address for each order.

opcje binarne na zywo Print To Mail Service is really easy to use. After you run an Advance Property Search, target your mail recipients and choose a mail merge template, click on the “Print To Mail Service” button along with the other printing options. When you click the button, you will see a checkout page pop up. You can choose your printing options and add your return mailing address.  

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Property Categorizing In Property Records Management (PRM)

fre soldi col trader Custom categorizing enables you to segment properties in PRM. Once categorized, you can sort, filter and search properties inside your PRM by their category name. Sounds easy. That’s because it is…and it is super useful. Like Mail Merge, there are a number of ways to use custom categories.

Learn More For example, if you are a real a lender and you are viewing your existing loan portfolio in PRM, you can assign category colors to properties based on their default risk. If you are investor, you can rate prospective investment opportunities by color coding them. Building inspectors can color code properties based on their inspection results. Real estate agents can categorize and color code properties based on the quality of the listing lead. We can go on and on, though get the idea.

binaire opties vergelijken Oh yeah, when you publish your PRM pushpins, they will now be all sorts of different colors, depending on what category is assigned to that particular property.  Check it out below:

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How To Set Up Custom Categories

Go Here You can set up custom categories in your PRM. If you have yet to create a category, it will default to yellow.  All you have to do is check the box on the far right, next to each property that you would like to add to a category. You can do this manually, or you can filter to get results by clicking on the little filter icons at the top of each column. Once you choose the properties you want to categorize, you click on the drop down in the top-center of the page, choose your category and click the “Categorize” button. This will immediately reassign the property categories for all of the selected properties at once. You can reassign the property categories for individual properties one at a time, but click on the category (in the category column) for an individual property. This will bring up a drop down, allowing you to select the category manually.

How To Rename Categories

You can rename the default category names by clicking on the Account button on the top right of the PropertyPilot dashboard and then choose Customization in the top menu. There you will see all your different categories. All you have to do is highlight a category, change the name in the Category field and click “Save Category” and remember to click “Save Options”. When you go back to your PRM or hover over a colored pushpin on the map, you will see that this category name is assigned to the category color.

How To Publish Colored Pushpins

You can publish pushpins on the map by clicking on the Account button on the top right of the PropertyPilot dashboardand then choose Customization. You will see an option that says “Show My PRM Properties Pushpin”. Make sure this box is checked and click “Save Options”. Now when you go to the map, you will see all your PRM properties published on the map with the different pushpins representing different categories.

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