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If You Can’t Measure Your Government, How Can You Manage It?

sugar mummy dating site in uk by PropertyPilot on November 22, 2013

migliori banche per il trading on line New Jersey municipalities face the daunting task of improving government services with declining resources. Fortunately, emerging technology has made the challenge of expanding the reach of government services while reducing its costs easier to meet. With advancements in cloud-powered software, GIS applications and mobile technology, governments have access to low-cost tools that will help them manage more efficiently with greater transparency.

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Cloud-Hosted Software Vastly Improves Implementation bdswiss app While local leaders understand the role technology plays in making government services more efficient, there are misconceptions about the complexity of implementing new systems and the ability to measure their impact.  Legacy systems required installation on individual computers or a local server. Software updates were sparse and maintenance was burdensome. Technology aged quickly and its benefits were never fully realized because adoption never reached a critical mass. Cloud-computing and the government software-as-a-service (SaaS) model has drastically changed how technology is delivered, maintained and used. Systems are now integrated with ease and updates occur remotely. Rather than become obsolete, software gets better as time progresses.

my company Making The Digital Committment

see page The adage “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is more meaningful today than ever before. Data is the engine that powers software and governments produce a lot of data. The scalability benefits of cloud-computing enables organizations to crunch massive amounts of information. Combined with predictive analytics and reporting innovations, governments can glean decision-driving insights that will enable them to plan intelligently and allocate resources more efficiently. However, governments are lagging far-behind the private sector. Companies rely heavily on analytic feedback to make decisions big and small. The tools exist. What is lacking is a commitment to understanding their enormous potential and the effort to incorporate them into legacy systems and processes.

buku paduan parex online With technological innovation as a catalyst, municipalities across the country have begun to make a philosophical commitment to certain principles that support the creation of a robust digital government.  These principals are: transparency, collaboration, efficiency and ultimately, cost savings.  With this in mind, many municipalities are using analytical data and other critical information to improve their decision-making processes and to bring more people to the table.

resource Governments can learn from the success of other governments. New York City famously instituted CompStat (in 1995), a crime-prevention framework that involved spatial and statistical analysis applications with a GIS interface. CompStat is recognized as playing an integral role in aiding policing efforts that has led to a precipitous decrease in crime that continues today. Statistical analysis helped transform New York City from one of the country’s most dangerous places to live, to one of the safest in a matter of 18 years. In Morristown The Town of Morristown and its Planning Division are in the process of finalizing its 2013 Master Plan. The primary goal for writing a Master Plan is to envision a long-term plan for land use that ensures the preservation of Morristown’s neighborhoods while enhancing the life of its residents. Transforming municipal service delivery and accountability, while being smarter and more efficient with fewer resources is inline with the broader, objectives of making Morristown a better place to live for its residents and a great place to operate a business.

Early this summer they began to implement a pilot program to move several of our municipal departments in to the cloud with new GIS and government management applications.  Morristown’s Mayor, Timothy Dougherty says “ We understood as a municipality that we had a real opportunity to further the mission of good government in Morristown”.  The towm recently implemented PropertyPilot’s municipal management software to unify their departments and enhance the delivery of their government services.

With cloud-computing, mobile applications and the SaaS model of software delivery coming of age, we are now able make a commitment to implementing the best possible technology solutions today, while also laying a foundation for staying on the cutting edge.

sybase iq set option The Future Is Mobile

Technological advances are occurring at a faster pace than ever.  Accordingly, it is imperative  for us to look forward in implementing new technology today.  Good digital government has to also mean that new applications, software and hardware are agile and easily scalable.

To provide some perspective, mobile phones are poised to overtake desktops as the  dominant global internet platform in the near-term. The benefits of this paradigm shift are far-reaching.  As mobile technology becomes faster and more reliable, other government technology needs to be adaptable to new platforms.  The SaaS model of software delivery in conjunction with cloud computing have made it possible to develop applications that will seamlessly translate from desktop to mobile.  In turn, municipal activities will become less time consuming and more efficient.  purchase Viagra no prescription in Tampa Florida  

this article The Time is Now

Technology is now getting out of its own way and municipal leaders should take notice.  Now is the time to make a commitment to building a digital government that better serves municipal stakeholders while drastically reducing the costs.  If we are going to take advantage of the opportunities new technology has presented to us, we must make a serious commitment to integrate technology into our long-term strategic visions.  As municipal budgets get tighter, emerging technologies will offer municipalities a way to maintain quality services without increasing the tax burden upon residents.

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