Streamline Customer Acquisition

Target And Reach Potential Customers With Flexibility And Ease

Marketing Automation With Workflows

Automate the creation and delivery of marketing collateral, prospecting letters and correspondence with PropertyPilot's workflow and mailhouse solutions. Users can define specific criteria and triggers and PropertyPilot will generate and mail personalized letters to recipients when those conditions are met. Mail delivery is automated and completely hands-off, saving your organization significant time and resources.

Advanced Customer Targeting

PropertyPilot will enable your organization to target potential customers using its preloaded data set consisting of millions of property ownership and assessment records. In addition, you can integrate existing customer data and build customized queries and mailing lists. With PropertyPilot's batch mailing tools you can create and send a large volume of mailers at once.

Personalize Your Marketing Collateral

With PropertyPilot's mail merge features you can easily create letters and mailers that are personalized using both pre-loaded PropertyPilot data as well as your own customer data. Upload existing mailers and add merge tags that make each and every mailer unique to the recipient. You can also build customized marketing collateral in PropertyPilot with an easy-to-use interface.