Task Automation with Accountability

Workflows complete the job for you, freeing up resources for what matters most

Workflows Designed For Everyone

Workflows leverage PropertyPilot data and applications, enabling users to automate tasks and processes that have multiple steps.

PropertyPilot has removed the complexity of task automation by delivering a step-by-step engine that empowers non-technical users to create and manage workflows with control and accountability.

Increase Efficiency And Response Time

Workflows improve public access and response to government services. When tied to PropertyPilot forms, government employees can process public payments, handle license requests, and log complaints on their website with accuracy and ease.

Similarly, banks and real estate professionals can proactively schedule tasks for work projects to move forward more efficiently, with timely responses to customers, contractors, sellers or buyers.

Communicate More Effectively Without Unnecessary Bottlenecks

Combined with Mail Merge, users can send personalized emails and written correspondence, while alerting the appropriate parties that a request has been made, an application has been submitted or a permit has been filed.

PropertyPilot workflows automate online and offline communication and responses for your organization and its stakeholders.